Extracts from “Stalking the Shadows” – 3

In the void, formless and dreadful, they hovered, Camulos and his brother Balor, the darkest of gods. Once they were great, once they were worthy to walk the bridges and roads, the country of their kin. Once, they were happy, their spirits fresh and white; but then it had happened, the great shift of the universe and the birth of man. The other gods, especially Modron and Vantis, had wanted to protect and nurture the feeble folk, they wanted them to succeed, their passion was so strong that they made homes for them close by, had build a silver bridge for the beasts and a golden road for men to walk upon when they were too tired to move anymore.

“One day.” Vantis had said, “I will set upon the land great mystic beasts.”

“One day.” Modron said, “I will walk their land and bless them.”

“I will keep their ancestors and beasts.” The keeper of spirits whispered. Camulos and Balor were silent.

“What do you say Balor, and you Camulos?” Modron asked gently, “You have heard Vantis, and the keeper, and you have heard me. Will you both protect the fragile land and the beasts who live upon it?”

“They are stupid and corporeal” Balor murmured. “We are superior to them in every way, they have invented this thing called time, they have shackled themselves to it, and they are cursed by their own creation.”

“They are corporeal, you speak truth; we choose to exist in many plains, we have many gifts, much power, we must be kind and gentle.”

“Why?” Camulos asked,

“Because all may not be as it seems. One day they may grow wise, wise enough to feel our presence on the wind and in the warmth of the sun, wise enough to touch and even hurt us.” Camulos considered this,

“Yes.” He said at last. “I will make sure they can do no harm, I will walk amongst their dreams, with Balor I will conquer them.” There was stunned silence before the keeper of spirits spoke;

“We must not interfere, we must leave them and only guide them when they are in dire need. Vantis, one day you will walk the land, you, the green man, and you Modron, the white lady will be custodians. Camulos, Balor, you have a choice, you may stay with us, join Loki, join Seth, or any other of your chaos making kind, or you may live In the city of shadows your father built far away and out of our influence and guidance.”

“Others do not speak to us.” Balor began. “They keep to their own kind and watch over their own people. We will leave you and will not return.”

“Beware.” Modron hissed, “We will battle, through those corporeal beings we will fight. Tenderly we will guide them, we will shepherd them through their lives, but they will not be ignorant, and when they die they walk the golden road, not the crooked way to the towers and spires of your minions.”

Camulos and Balor nodded.



All text copyright BJ Edwards
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