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BJ EdwardsBJ Edwards was born in Wolverhampton in the winter of 1975, and grew up in Middlesex and Worcester. BJ has always been fascinated by anthropology, theology, archaeology and prehistory. His degree is in English literature and he taught English before taking up writing full time.

As well as writing historical novels, BJ also writes short stories, plays and poems. Allied to this, he writes articles and regularly “tweets.”

BJ is passionate about sport and exercise – he holds belts in Kung-Fu and Judo, he rows at his local rowing club, trains regularly and enjoys the outdoors, films, music and books.


BJ’s guide dog, Oliver has the uncanny ability to slip into “Twitter trances.” This allows his brain waves to interface with the Wi-Fi signal, thereby allowing him to “tweet.”

You can follow Oliver on twitter if you wish.

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