Plays and screenplays

Below is a list that contains the title of, and brief synopsis of my plays and screenplays. Some have been produced, some are waiting to be produced, and others are in production. Most of my plays are either waiting to be, or are already with French’s or Lazy Bee Scripts.

Refuge (play)

Three people decide to go abroad for three very different reasons. One wants to get away from it all, to relax with her friend. One wants to emerge himself in the warmth of the sun as he tries to get over a divorce. And one wants to make a difference, wants to fulfil his role and commit an act of terror. Diverging stories converge, and three lives change forever as they are forced together by events that they are unable to foresee or control.

An Afternoon In September (Play)

Morris has a secret; the real story behind his survival during an attack on his ship during the Falkland’s War. Now old, and terminally ill, Morris confides in his friends about the mysterious woman who rescued him. The woman who gave him a pebble, and promised to save him again.

One afternoon in September, when the light fades to dusk, Morris trusts to fate, chance and destiny as he struggles with mortality, and the magic of a sacred promise.

Mill Lane (Play)

Trauma changes people. It can cause the mind to fracture, to dislocate and change the perception. After tragically losing her son, Rachel struggles with reality and identity, trauma fashioning her a new personality to mask the terrible truth.

Light (Play)

What started off as a harmless prank in Afghanistan, has repercussions that impacts upon the present. Tom, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, loses his sight after an attack that leaves one of his colleagues dead. Tom must come to terms with his blindness, his friend’s death and his identity as a man. Light isn’t just about blindness, it explores identity, courage and belief.

Moonshine (Play)

What is death? What is fate? Moonshine tells the story of Michael, a terminally ill man who is driven by, and controlled by forces beyond his understanding and perception. Moonshine unites Greek myth with the reality of today, reminding us that the decisions we make, are not always our own.

Damascus Or Bust (Play)

Five women, each in search of something that they feel will complete their life, receive an invitation to a country house. Before they know it, they are plunged into a bizarre and menacing dating game with very high stakes…. their immortal soul.

Heaven Can Wait (Screenplay)

The urge to live is a powerful one, an atavistic and biological urge. But what if the urge to die was equally as strong? Heaven Can Wait tells the story of a woman’s quest to end her life. A life blighted by the curse of immortality.

Trouble In Paradise (Screenplay)

Tooth Fairies are not gossamer winged, delicate creatures, but combat fatigue, sunglasses wearing warriors who go on daring raids to find teeth. Teeth they use for magic and building. But paradise is not all as it seems, as trouble stirs in the idyllic, matriarchal society. Trouble that will cause a tsunami of change that will impact their culture forever.

Harvest Of Colours (Screenplay)

Children disappear. Some are never found, others are found, but never wake from their comas. A blind spiritualist medium, and archaeologist and a Polish taxi driver must unravel the mystery and find the perpetrator before it’s too late, before all the colourful auras are harvested.

The Devil’s Shadow (Screenplay)

Off the coast of Spain, in a subterranean vault, something is discovered. An ancient creature that can change the world. Government agencies converge on a sleepy seaside resort in order to capture and tame the beast. Soon, it is clear that there are darker forces at work, as a colt is formed, and London is plunged into chaos.

Tom’s Shadow (Screenplay)

Tom was born with the wrong shadow. He knows this because his shadow is constantly trying to get away, tugging and prodding at Tom’s skin and making him ill. When Tom discovers the shadow he should have been born with, he must find somebody who was born without a shadow, so he can be properly linked to the shadow he should have had all along.

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