Short Stories

Now I own the rights, I will shortly start publishing my short stories. Do keep an eye on social media for updates. Here are the details of just a few forthcoming titles:

Damascus Or Bust

Five single women, each in search of something that they feel will complete their lives, receive an invitation to attend a gathering in a country house. Before they know it, they are plunged into a bizarre and menacing dating game with very high stakes…. their immortal souls. It is soon evident that the charming Mr. Kane is actually Satan himself.

Every Dog Has Its Day

A journalist meets a disheveled, scared man in his local pub. The man has a story, and the journalist has something to write about. In a animal research facility, evidence of reincarnation is found in dog blood, blood that flows within the veins of two human beings.

I Am Jasmena

A woman who has the ability to see the future is found dead in her home. But, on her husband’s return, vengeance comes in the shape of an exploding cassette recorder. Terrorism plots are thwarted, people are injured and killed, but redemption is gained through the dignity death brings.

Christmas Eve

A woman skids off the road and almost dies. In the strange limbo between life and death she meets The In-betweener, a deity who helps her find out why she cheated death. The woman discovers that she is needed to bring healing to a magical, beautiful, parallel world, in which she meets The Fisher King and the God Of Yule himself.

The Silvering

Paranormal researchers visit Mrs. Thackery, a widow who lives in a house by the river. The researchers soon discover that the phenomena of The Silvering is real – spirits who want to avenge slavery and repression perpetrated by the Thackeries in the 19th century.


Ben has an imaginary friend called Bobby. His parents are convinced it is their son Bobby who drowned tragically in the garden pond. Little do they know that hundreds of years ago, in the same house, a man called Robert died young too. It takes a spiritualist and a psychic to unravel the mystery and lay both Robert and Bobby to rest.

Harvest Of Colours

Children disappear. In Rose Cottage, an old woman lives her long life, fed by the auras, the pretty colours of the children she kills. A blind medium, an archaeologist and a taxi driver, must find out what or whom is responsible for all the disappearances, before another child slips into a coma.

Trouble In Paradise

Tooth Fairies are not gossamer winged, delicate creatures, but combat fatigue, sunglasses wearing warriors who go on daring raids to find teeth. Teeth they use for magic and building. But paradise is not all as it seems, as trouble stirs in the idyllic, matriarchal society. Trouble that will cause a tsunami of change that will impact their culture forever.

Golden Cage

A former soldier fights with his personal demons; PTSD and depression. In his mind he had kept her in a golden cage, until she called him and his world fell apart, suicide the only way out, the only way back.

Mind’s Eye

Laura can’t sleep. In desperation she keeps an audio dream diary and buys a dream-catcher from a local junk shop. When she listens back to the recordings of her nocturnal ravings, she is stunned. With the help of the elements, Laura understands and comes to terms with a repressed memory that has haunted her since childhood.

The Man In The Tent

Chris lives in a high rise block with his useless mother, his life a dull, featureless mess. One day he comes across a tent in a nearby alley. In the tent, a man sits, sipping cocoa and reading books. The man takes Chris under his wing and teaches him everything he knows. Chris is now intelligent and gifted, but there is a terrible price when he misuses a god-given gift. Chris and is mother’s lives change forever.

The River

What started off as a pleasant afternoon by the river, soon turns to tragedy when an ancient relic is found in the water. Past and present merge, past lives, past wrongs are remembered, and revenge is bloody and complete.

The Promise

Tom, old and terminally ill, confesses to his old friend Ken, and tells him the truth about what happened during the Falklands War. Incredulous, Ken agrees to grant Tom his dying wish, and takes him to the coast, where Tom is convinced he will be reunited with his savior, a mysterious woman who is a mermaid.

Old Bones

A mysterious woman visits the church and warns father Morris that his plans to build on consecrated ground will bring only trouble. Disbelieving, Father Morris allows the work to go ahead, the extension to the church to commence. On a dark and bleak Hallowe’en night, Morris is visited by ancient shades, and he is forced to rethink his beliefs, his calling and his life.


Nathan, jobless and desperate, still tries to come to terms with his brother’s suicide. It takes an angel called Hope to show him that getting what we want isn’t always for the best.

A Hundred Shades Of Silence

A deaf boy predicts a train derailment, but he is too late to save his father and a number of passengers. Through his pencils and his drawings he manages to bring two people out of their comas, and bring back some happiness.


Mark can read photographs. Not just with his eyes, but with his mind; he is able to sense the truth behind the image. When he visits his ex-wife and tells her that her boyfriend is a murderer, he causes trouble, not just for himself, but for his family too.

Heaven Can Wait

The urge to live is a powerful one, an atavistic and biological instinct. But what if the urge to die was equally as strong? Heaven Can Wait tells the story of a woman’s quest to end her life. A life blighted by the curse of immortality.