Stalking the Shadows

Stalking the Shadows by BJ EdwardsStone age Britain – it is a time of change; the land is restless, the climate harsh. Driven by fate, starvation and fear, the last of the Neanderthals teeter on the brink of existence, perilously balancing between life and death. In a distant valley the last clan survive, eking out a subsistence in the wilds, fighting against the elemental powers of the land.

The delicate balance is torn asunder when the new men, Homo sapiens, clash violently with the ill-equipped clan. While the Neanderthals’ extinction is inevitable, they leave their mark on history: a curse of strong magic which will force change on the tribes of new men; and a boy, Dimek, a new man raised by Neanderthals, with a destiny of his own to fulfil.

Years later, now a hunt leader, Dimek must break away from his tribe’s tradition and lead his men to a new land, a land that is not cursed. Dimek, along with a shaman, warriors and hunters, set off on a journey, a journey that will change their lives forever.

Political intrigue and epic battles abound as the lives of the gods parallel the lives of man. Divine blessings are given, divine beasts are born, and the horse is domesticated. Magic and myth collide as the gods try to hinder and help the men as they eventually find their promised land.

History and myth is made when the tribes clash and eventually come together to form a society, a society built on battle and magic, stone and wisdom.

But all is not as it should be. For somewhere, out in the wilderness, a man waits; a scarred man who is blessed by a dark god, a man who could destroy all that the tribes have created.

I am Camulos, brother of Balor. We are friends you and I.” The creature inclined his head. “Great Chief, Great Mammoth, Great Lion, Great Stag – I send greetings from the Old Ones.” The creature’s voice was strange, deep and vibrating.

“Are you one of the new gods?” the chief asked,

“I am.”

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